Gliding Tasks Today

This site shows areas of competition gliding activity and the likely cross-country task areas flown by large groups of gliders. Note that while increased glider activity should be expected in the shaded areas, the routes of individual gliders can be difficult to predict. Gliders generally fly between cloudbase and a few thousand feet below, but may also fly in cloud. The information shown is for guidance and planning purposes only.

Current & upcoming competitions

This is a list of current and upcoming gliding competitions. Note that competition tasks are generally planned early in the day and will often be published from 10:00. However when the weather is unpredictable or not initially suitable for cross-country soaring, tasks details may not appear until later in the day.

If you are planning a flight that will route close to the airfield or planned task area during the competition, you are encouraged to seek information from the competition organisers using the contact details below.

Competition Airfield Dates Gliders Frequencies Contact information
Dunstable RegionalsDunstable16/06/18 - 22/06/1830119.900  130.100London Gliding Club 01582 691936
Shenington RegionalsShenington23/06/18 - 01/07/1830129.975  130.100Shenington Gliding Club
Competition EnterpriseAston Down30/06/18 - 07/07/1840129.975  Cotswold Gliding Club 01285 702102
UK National ChampionshipsHusbands Bosworth07/07/18 - 15/07/1850127.575  The Gliding Centre
Bidford RegionalsBidford07/07/18 - 15/07/1840129.975  Bidford Gliding Club
Booker RegionalsWycombe Air Park21/07/18 - 29/07/1840126.550  Booker Gliding Club
Bicester RegionalsBicester21/07/18 - 29/07/1840129.975  Bicester Gliding Centre
Hus Bos Challenge CupHusbands Bosworth28/07/18 - 05/08/1830127.575  The Gliding Centre
UK National ChampionshipsDunstable04/08/18 - 12/08/1850129.975  London Gliding Club
Inter-Services CompetitionRAF Keevil04/08/18 - 12/08/1830129.975  130.100Bannerdown Gliding Club
UK National ChampionshipsAston Down18/08/18 - 26/08/1860129.975  130.100Cotswold Gliding Club 01285 702102
Lasham CompetitionsLasham18/08/18 - 26/08/18100131.025  130.400Lasham Gliding Society 01256 384912